Friday, 1 November 2013

Anglo Saxon great hall

Status: Basic paintwork complete
Completed the base coats colour for this museum quality model of  an Anglo Saxon Hall.
 Above one of four entrances.

From the side, the base requires texture and scenic detail.
Detail of the entrance,note the planked 
 floor interior,some dry bushing and watercolour washes needed to bring this model alive, should be up for sale in a week or so.
Below some photos I took of the West Stow Anglo Saxon Village in Suffolk showing some reconstructions , I used these photos  as a colour reference for the paintwork.
The timber tends to grey up when it's been in the weather for a while.
Colouring of the thatch varies quite a lot here, think they have replaced the ridge thatch recently on this one?
No hot water or reading iat night in these !

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