Monday, 4 November 2013

28mm Perry Miniatures British Napoleonic command,Wellington,UxbridgeandPicton

Status: Finished

Above the Iron Duke and Lieutenant General Picton and Lord Uxbridge finished, a lot of character in these command figures .

Above the Iron Duke and his horse completed.
Telescope in hand, this figure paints up really well, for a 28mm.
Close up of the work on the face, subtle shading and blending of skin tones combined with accurate paint strokes for the eyes and eyebrows.
Copenhagen was a chestnut stallion 3/4 thoroughbred.
Plenty of naturalist detailing on the base.

One white sock and a white blaze for Copehagen, happy with this piece, one for eBay, but it has inspired me to start building up my own collection, and to start work on some dioramas.

Above Genral Picton , died at Waterloo, as a soldier he was both respected and feared,injured at Quatre Brass he still led his em into battle at Waterloo.
Don't know how the Perry's managed it but they have caught the likeness of these British commanders in 28mm scale.
The faces paint up really well on these.

All angles covered in these photos.
Uxbridge finished sitting on his tiger skin.

Wellington, Uxbridge and Picton unpainted, love this period, great figures, really nice to be painting some again.
Wellington on  Copenhagen , good sculpt this.
Uxbridge before his appointment with a cannonball .
Below Wellingtons horse Copenhagen ready for varnishing.
This horse was 3/4 thoroughbred chestnut stallion with one white sock and a white blaze on his face according to the portrait  by Spode . A fast horse for getting around the battlefield or getting off it ?!? Being super critical for a 28mm figure but I think this horse is more 3/4 Irish Draught ! 

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