Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What to do to make an Adhemar le Puy

Bishop Le Puy, what did he look like? 
How can you make him from existing Perry miniatures .
Well what have we got to start with ?

A mounted abbot, a bishop on foot and a variety of heads from different figures.
Apparently Adhemar did fight/ aligned himself in battle and at one stage carried the "holy lance" into battle.
This is not a contemporary illustration  but it does show the bishop carrying the "holy lance",another near contemporary illustration below shows the Bishop on his death bed with almost identical  headgear.
Other references to use could be Bishop Odo in the bayuex tapestry , this might give us an idea of what a bishop would look like in a war zone.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Norman conversions (Perry miniatures)

Status: nearly completed.
Nearly completed this conversion of a Norman command figure, given him a one piece spangelhelm with some gold around nose piece.  I have not decided who I want him to be yet , but  he will be a high status knight.
I have just given him a generic dragon shield until I decide. 
The sword works well resting on shoulder.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

48 x Perry miniatures 1st Crusade Norman Infantry group

Status:  completed, last touches, some plants to add to bases and proper photos to be taken tomorrow.

Raymond of Toulouse  and Knights

Robert Curthose group 
Below the two groups awaiting finishing touches and completion of bases

The four command groups below

Godfrey's group

Bohemond 's men

Below converted axe man into dismounted knight with lance 
Below the finished figure almost complete in his group, with pennant on the end of his lance, like the leather boot on this figure.

Horn blower from Bohemond's foot command .
Work in progress most of the command figures complete or nearly there. Four command groups to match the cavalry, Curthose, Godfrey ,Bohemond and Raymond's Colors represented on these foot figures, could be these leaders dismounted or subordinate commanders of their familia. Started putting arrows in shields.
Going to put a couple of axemen with Curthose group to reflect post Hastings Anglo influence.
48 figures split into 4 groups of 12 would give 8 movement  trays of 6 (3x2) ?
But I think trays of 8 look better so that's 6 trays in total , 4 with one flag each 2 with poorer unarmoured infantry. Mm 
Get on with painting and decide later

Saturday, 25 October 2014

4 x 28mm Perry miniatures 1st Crusade Norman Cavalry

Status: Dispatched on 12th of November.

Above the completed group looking good, longer chain mail and surcoats on the two figures on the right really add some variety to this group.

Above a close up of the lengthend surcoats after painting.
Above and below work in progress on the alterations;longer surcoats and chainmail in a later/ Italian style.
Here the extra work in green putty above.
And below the finished group before requested alterations.

These conversions were quite time consuming quite  but relatively easy to do 
The surcoats and head gear help to add variety to quite a small range of figures.Details such as the arrow and sword cuts in the shields help bring the figures to life.

Here green putty is used to to create surcoats and arabised headgear for these for riders,two swords have been removed and drilled out for spears/ standards.
Below all four nearly finished on the green putty phase.
More here 
And more details below
 And more

Friday, 17 October 2014

28 mm Perry Miniatures General Picton, Lord Uxbridge

Status: Picton and Uxbridge sold.

Close up of Genral Picton as he might have appeared at Waterloo.

White gloves, top hat and umbrella 

Lord Uxbridge below, also the second time I have painted this figure,  some things definitely work better on this than on the first attempt.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Breton knights command group 28mm Perry miniatures conversions

Status: Work in Progress

I love Perry miniatures but they never seem to cover a range as comprehensively as I would like before they move onto a new project, with the first crusade range they only have three or four command figures for the crusader side , so I am having to start chopping them about to get some variety, below some photos of figures I am working on for my own Anglo -Norman army
The shield has not yet been added
The head was pinched from an infantry man with axe.The long hair was removed as I wanted a more 1066 appearance.The body is that of Geoffrey de Bouillon. The sword hand from GB plastics Saxon Fyrd. Shields have not yet been added.
 And below another variant on the theme, this time with the Raymond of Toulouse body.
Could do with some more variety in the horse department as well , there are only currently two horse variants standing  for this range.