Saturday, 25 October 2014

4 x 28mm Perry miniatures 1st Crusade Norman Cavalry

Status: Dispatched on 12th of November.

Above the completed group looking good, longer chain mail and surcoats on the two figures on the right really add some variety to this group.

Above a close up of the lengthend surcoats after painting.
Above and below work in progress on the alterations;longer surcoats and chainmail in a later/ Italian style.
Here the extra work in green putty above.
And below the finished group before requested alterations.

These conversions were quite time consuming quite  but relatively easy to do 
The surcoats and head gear help to add variety to quite a small range of figures.Details such as the arrow and sword cuts in the shields help bring the figures to life.

Here green putty is used to to create surcoats and arabised headgear for these for riders,two swords have been removed and drilled out for spears/ standards.
Below all four nearly finished on the green putty phase.
More here 
And more details below
 And more

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