Thursday, 29 August 2013

28mm Perry Miniatures 1st Crusade Robert Curthose command group.

Status: Sold £ 80.00 privately

Just finished and sold this command group of Robert Curthose, son of  William the bastard of Normandy.I think they look really good, one of my favourites so far. I gave Robert a white horse and a  shield with a lion rampant,the style of the lion was copied from Henry II's  shield which is a few years after but the style has a good early primitive feel. The banner is based on the ancient flag of the duchy of Normandy which was probably in existence by this date, but with things of this antiquity I guess we will never know for sure?
 Other proto heraldic arms seem to have been in use at this date according to certain sources.

Raymond of Toulouse,Godfrey de Bouillion, Bohemond of Tarranto all seemed to have had personalised or Family banners.
Above these four figures are based individually on renedra bases 45mm x 20mm big. This tight basing gives flexibility in formations, allowing for the close shock(boot to boot) formations mentioned in contemporary  historical documents.

The figures are attached to a movement tray magnetically, giving an animated command group

 Nice figures !
And from other angles
And Robert Curthose close up
Obviously these figures can later be blended into larger units with different movement trays or kept as a group in their own right.

8 figures of Raymond Toulouse and Robert Curthose command group together gives you the idea of larger units

And above as separate command groups.

Monday, 19 August 2013

28mm Perry Miniatures 1st Crusade mounted Command Group of Raymond ofToulouse

Status: Sold £80.00 on

A command group of 4 mounted Knights, including Raymond,standard bearer and musician has just been completed. 

Above shows the command group on its movement tray. The banner is based on the cross of Toulouse, which according to "tradition" was carried by Raymond on the first crusade. The standard bearers shield is also based on the ancient cross.

Here a close up of Raymond

This photo clearly shows his armoured horn blower (a conversion)

Here the figures are shown without there movement tray and are suitable for use as individual figures or rebasing with a larger unit of knights( I will be painting more over the coming year).Below more pictures  from the rear and side.