Tuesday, 11 February 2014

16 x Perry Miniatures Bohemond of Taranto Command Group of Normans. Work in Progress

Status:figures converted, cleaned up and under coated .

Made a few changes to the command figures.

Chopped off a few heads and working out some new configurations for command figures. Above a proposed alternate Bohemond with facial hair, but could work well for any command figure .

Above a more animated Tancred, all bits currently held together with blue tack, when finalized will be drilled then wire inserted, superglued and then green putty added to fill joints and detail.
Above similar pose but different head for Tancred .

Above the completed conversions, pinned, glued and green putty applied around necks, coif, etc. Should look good painted.
Above the whole unit starts taking shape, figures cleaned up, steel spears added.
Another view of the converted Bohemond and Tancred .

Above added some arrows stuck in the shields, flights yet to be added.