Monday, 30 September 2013

18 x 28mm Perry Miniatures 1st Crusade European cavalry unit

Status: 6 horses finished, all started, riders undercoated.

 I think this lot will be based individually on movement trays of four. However I have 6 squires/unarmoured knights, a thought, I could buy another box and take the unit up to 20(5 groups of four figures) or have two of the squires holding spare horses? mmm,

One side of the armoured knight not really looked at is the logistic support required to put a knight into battle.
In Europe a knight would only ride his expensive warhorse in a battle.He kept another hardier cheaper horse for riding the rest of the time.To lead his warhorse each knight had a squire mounted on an even cheaper horse.
So for each front line mounted knight in Europe there would be at least two horses and a squire behind the line. However I think they lost an awful lot of horses on the first crusade and they would have had a great shortage of animals as they got closer to Jerusalem.

Work in progress on the horses, 3 finished and varnished, others in various states of completion,painting in batches  speeds up the process without compromising on quality.
Above the riders awaiting dry brushing with a silver for the chainmail and helmets.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

25-28mm Ral Partha goblin well painted and based

Status: SOLD £9.99  on
Found this one knocking around my bits and bobs box, Ral Partha from the early 1980s gave it an efficient paint job , sculpting of these figures was very fine and  detailed to scale. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Anglo-Saxon Mead Hall

Status: work in progress,repairs being made to chew damage from pointer puppy ! !
Started this model some time ago , decided to finish and put it up for sale on eBay

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

25-28mm Chronicle Black Orc sculpted by Nick Lund very early1980sfantasy figure, rare

Status: Sold for  £13.33 on

I have not painted a fantasy figure in years. I was digging about in a box of spares and odds and I found this figure  in a box, the last remnant of my large collection of Nick Lund's  very early 1980's Chronicle range before he started working with Citadel.  This find got me  remembering how a lot of my initial interest in miniatures was fired by early Fantasy figures; Citadel,Chronicle,Ral Partha, Minifigs,Black Baron all played there part in parting me from my pocket money.
 I sold many of them for  funds when I was a student and now wish I had not!
 Such is life, anyway I have decided to honour the last figure of this collection of wonderful Orcs by painting him properly,( none of the others ever got painted) and seeing as he has no mates to keep him company I shall sell him on Ebay and hope he is reunited with more of his kind!
Below shows the Orc in progress. It's quite enjoyable and liberating painting something from  fantasy.Although the sculpting is quite stylised, it works really well with Orcs, I feel these are a wonderful "lost range" with loads of character.

I have just got my hands on a standard bearer from this range, so maybe I  shall start painting up a unit, really enjoyed painting this guy, here he is below with his new friend and I have found three more of his kind to keep him company, early Warhammer  memories, good stuff !

And below three more of his kind. Await the same treatment !

And recently a Black Orc Shaman 21c was acquired  to take care of the rest of the orcs medical and religious needs !
Two Orcs riding wolves and another 8 Orc infantry have also been sourced from this range.

Here Orc one with a friend just finished and up for sale on eBay now.