Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Anglo Saxon Great Hall progress

Status: finished

Really pleased with how this  model has turned out.

Just a couple of hours finishing the basing details. A shield or spear to add hear and there.
Little details such as splitting log and axe above really set the building off.
Note the floorboards running through out the inside just visible in this shot.
Firewood, I am sure wood have been stored under the overhang of the thatch.

Logs would have been split length ways .
When was the saw invented ?
I think it was later than we imagine, will look into that !
Below the other end of the hall with a shield and pair of spears proped up against the porch.

Below pictures of the hall in earlier stages of construction .

The base was painted with pva and sand for texture, prior to painting.

Close up of the side doors