Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Anglo Saxon Great Hall progress

Status: finished

Really pleased with how this  model has turned out.

Just a couple of hours finishing the basing details. A shield or spear to add hear and there.
Little details such as splitting log and axe above really set the building off.
Note the floorboards running through out the inside just visible in this shot.
Firewood, I am sure wood have been stored under the overhang of the thatch.

Logs would have been split length ways .
When was the saw invented ?
I think it was later than we imagine, will look into that !
Below the other end of the hall with a shield and pair of spears proped up against the porch.

Below pictures of the hall in earlier stages of construction .

The base was painted with pva and sand for texture, prior to painting.

Close up of the side doors

Monday, 4 November 2013

28mm Perry Miniatures British Napoleonic command,Wellington,UxbridgeandPicton

Status: Finished

Above the Iron Duke and Lieutenant General Picton and Lord Uxbridge finished, a lot of character in these command figures .

Above the Iron Duke and his horse completed.
Telescope in hand, this figure paints up really well, for a 28mm.
Close up of the work on the face, subtle shading and blending of skin tones combined with accurate paint strokes for the eyes and eyebrows.
Copenhagen was a chestnut stallion 3/4 thoroughbred.
Plenty of naturalist detailing on the base.

One white sock and a white blaze for Copehagen, happy with this piece, one for eBay, but it has inspired me to start building up my own collection, and to start work on some dioramas.

Above Genral Picton , died at Waterloo, as a soldier he was both respected and feared,injured at Quatre Brass he still led his em into battle at Waterloo.
Don't know how the Perry's managed it but they have caught the likeness of these British commanders in 28mm scale.
The faces paint up really well on these.

All angles covered in these photos.
Uxbridge finished sitting on his tiger skin.

Wellington, Uxbridge and Picton unpainted, love this period, great figures, really nice to be painting some again.
Wellington on  Copenhagen , good sculpt this.
Uxbridge before his appointment with a cannonball .
Below Wellingtons horse Copenhagen ready for varnishing.
This horse was 3/4 thoroughbred chestnut stallion with one white sock and a white blaze on his face according to the portrait  by Spode . A fast horse for getting around the battlefield or getting off it ?!? Being super critical for a 28mm figure but I think this horse is more 3/4 Irish Draught ! 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Anglo Saxon great hall

Status: Basic paintwork complete
Completed the base coats colour for this museum quality model of  an Anglo Saxon Hall.
 Above one of four entrances.

From the side, the base requires texture and scenic detail.
Detail of the entrance,note the planked 
 floor interior,some dry bushing and watercolour washes needed to bring this model alive, should be up for sale in a week or so.
Below some photos I took of the West Stow Anglo Saxon Village in Suffolk showing some reconstructions , I used these photos  as a colour reference for the paintwork.
The timber tends to grey up when it's been in the weather for a while.
Colouring of the thatch varies quite a lot here, think they have replaced the ridge thatch recently on this one?
No hot water or reading iat night in these !

Godfrey de Bouillon command group progress

Status: finished 

Godfrey and his knights complete except for a little extra detailing on his leggings.
Simple banner based on early images of this famous leader( the tomb of Robert Curthose amongst other references) is very  similar with other 11th century banners portrayed in images found in  the bayuex tapestry.

This level of research gives the figures an authentic feel of their era.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

25-28mm Chronicle Black Orc 2, 3 and 4 sculpted by Nick Lund

Status: For Sale on eBay.co.uk
Below Orc 2,3 and 4  all currently for sale on eBay.co.uk starting bid 13.33 each .

Below Orc 4 (CM21a ,one of 14 variants made)  also currently for sale on eBay.

Chronicle Orc number 2,(CM21a) note how well the chainmail paints up!

And below with Orc 3 (CM21?)

And all three Orcs together
I like using slightly differing skin tones with these guys, but tie the whole unit together with the fur, leather and cloth colours.

And close ups of the first two below.

And above more Orcs lined up awaiting undercoating.