Wednesday, 15 January 2014

18 x 28mm Perry Miniatures 1st Crusade European cavalry unit, Work in Progress

STATUS: Finished apart from static grass on bases
All figures finished apart from grass and stones on bases.

Poor Knights/ Squires one converted to lead his lords riding horse. Same again below.

Above , hand painted Milan Cross/ St George's cross / Papal banner almost certainly carried by crusaders on first crusade.
More knights

One knight in area used head gear, and variety of shield designs

And above Goddfrey command group on an additional smaller movement tray so he can be embedded in to a unit if desired.
 I will provide 3 more movement trays so the same can be done with three other command groups of Raymond, Bohemond, Robert Curthose.

Norman Knights in progress , banner has just been started. Shields may be swapped around  before being glued and varnished 
Movement trays 80 x 90 mm so the same depth as command trays but more tightly packed to represent "boot to boot" shock cavalry formation.

Spare horses with saddles awaiting  squires.
I will be supplying extra movement trays for the command groups so they can be integrated into larger units or kept as a seperate unit. 
Above 6  movement trays of 4 figures the colours and designs of shields correspond with , Bohemond,Raymond, Robert Curthose and Geoffrey command groups with a few  generic studded leather shields.

Shields have not been glued on yet, maybe changed before they are finished.

Three of the Knights almost complete, the studded leather shields have not been glued on and may be swapped  with others when the unit is completed. Bases still need painting. Like the look of plain leather studded shields they feel really authentic.

Here all twenty horses and the four command figures of Geoffrey make a  good size conroi of 24.
Should look mighty impressive when finished.
The horse holders and spare horses have been based in twos, all the rest based on singles, movement trays to follow.