Friday, 22 February 2013

28mm Perry Miniatures, American War of Independence

Status: SOLD
Finished these about five years ago, the client wanted to base them himself, looked really good,love the Perry's stuff paints up really well. Top unit is a Scottish regiment,cant remember which now and below an English Regiment.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Crusader Miniatures Dark Age Irish Champion

Status: SOLD for £10.49 

A while ago I painted a Munster army led by Brian Boru, I used Crusader miniatures for the most part,lovely figures,well sculpted, with some real character. This model of a Champion was one of the left overs, so I finished him and placed him on ebay.
The  Curadh were the tribal Champions,some of the greatest warriors in a tribal army, this one has two weapons and chainmail armour ready to lead his kings men in to battle.

I have given him tattoos on his legs and arms.

Friday, 8 February 2013

24 X Gripping Beast Norman Infantry + 2 casualties

Status: SOLD £194.00

 Just finished 24 x Gripping Beast Norman Infantry, including a big armoured "Stormin Norman" leader with a Wyvern on his kite shield, 4 armoured comrades, standard bearer (Lozengy gules and argent banner of the Barons du Bec),18 unarmoured spearmen and 2 casualties. They have a mixture studded red leather and red and white shield designs taken from the Bayeux tapestry and other contemporary illustrations.All spears are steel, so no more bent and broken spears,the figures have been painted to a very high standard and coated in a tough enamel matt varnish.

The basing includes sand, small rocks and a lot of expensive 2 colour grass tufts as well as the more usual static grass. The colouring of soil is a good mid tone,suitable for verdant parts of the Middle East or Europe in the summer.

 This large unit could be split into two smaller units of a dozen each.
 Above a close up of the two dead normans.

Above shown with the unit of archers and crossbowmen also on at the moment,starting bid £127.00, buy it now £180.00.