Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Breton knights command group 28mm Perry miniatures conversions

Status: Work in Progress

I love Perry miniatures but they never seem to cover a range as comprehensively as I would like before they move onto a new project, with the first crusade range they only have three or four command figures for the crusader side , so I am having to start chopping them about to get some variety, below some photos of figures I am working on for my own Anglo -Norman army
The shield has not yet been added
The head was pinched from an infantry man with axe.The long hair was removed as I wanted a more 1066 appearance.The body is that of Geoffrey de Bouillon. The sword hand from GB plastics Saxon Fyrd. Shields have not yet been added.
 And below another variant on the theme, this time with the Raymond of Toulouse body.
Could do with some more variety in the horse department as well , there are only currently two horse variants standing  for this range.