Monday, 10 March 2014

18 x Perry Miniatures 1st Crusade Knights completed

 Status: completed and dispatched

Here a group of 18 knights + 20 horses and 4 command figures completed.
Note the poor knights/ squires  on the rear rank holding  spare horses.
And a bit more mixed up from above.
Banners and command figures.
Note studded shield
Squire holding spare riding horse
More knights
Another squire and spare riding horse
Last group of knights/ squires
The horse holders were converted from poor knights/squires .
The original reins were removed with a scalpel, a saddle, stirrups and new reins were made out of green putty, the shield arm was drilled out to take a spear.
Same treatment with this one,  spare horses were from the holy orders knights

A close up of figures above and below