Tuesday, 9 July 2013

28mm Perry miniatures 1st Crusade Norman Command Group of Bohemond (orMarc to his mum and dad !)

Status: Sold £80.00 on ebay.co.uk

 Here at  last is the first of several command groups and units from the perry miniatures first crusade range.
I have given Bohemond a dappled grey horse, his standard  is based on some research that seems to support his family may have carried a banner. The de Hauteville family expanded across southern Europe and the the near east from their home in Normandy.The family went on to conqueror huge territories in Italy,Sicily, Malta and Antioch. Malta and Antioch' s flag may originate from this red and white checkered pattern as they were both conquered by  Bohemond and his family.
All these figures are mounted individually on 20 x 45 mm base with steel paper on the base so they attach magnetically to to movement tray.

28mm Gripping Beast Saxon Thegns x 10

Status: Sold Privately £90.00

Below 10 Saxons Thegns  completed and based.Thats the last of that box set and the last Saxons I plan on doing for a while, but watch out for a Saxon thegns hall , scratch built and up for sale shortly !