Wednesday, 19 November 2014

48 x Perry miniatures 1st Crusade Norman Infantry group

Status:  completed, last touches, some plants to add to bases and proper photos to be taken tomorrow.

Raymond of Toulouse  and Knights

Robert Curthose group 
Below the two groups awaiting finishing touches and completion of bases

The four command groups below

Godfrey's group

Bohemond 's men

Below converted axe man into dismounted knight with lance 
Below the finished figure almost complete in his group, with pennant on the end of his lance, like the leather boot on this figure.

Horn blower from Bohemond's foot command .
Work in progress most of the command figures complete or nearly there. Four command groups to match the cavalry, Curthose, Godfrey ,Bohemond and Raymond's Colors represented on these foot figures, could be these leaders dismounted or subordinate commanders of their familia. Started putting arrows in shields.
Going to put a couple of axemen with Curthose group to reflect post Hastings Anglo influence.
48 figures split into 4 groups of 12 would give 8 movement  trays of 6 (3x2) ?
But I think trays of 8 look better so that's 6 trays in total , 4 with one flag each 2 with poorer unarmoured infantry. Mm 
Get on with painting and decide later