Saturday, 11 August 2012

28mm Perry Miniatures 1st Crusade, Ralph de Gael

 Above shows a photo of a group of Normans I painted a few years back.

I recently put the command section up for sale on Ebay.

Right shows this auction lot of Ralph de Gael and his standard bearer, they sold for £36.00, a very fair price considering the amount of work put in to them.

 This picture shows the detail put into this 28mm figure of  Earl Ralph, showing his coat of arms, which are still the arms of the county of Norfolk today.
Ralph died upon the first Crusade.

Some time ago I was commissioned to paint  Normans from the Guiscard De Hautville family.

 Research on early Heraldry revealed that the chequered red and white Maltese flag may have originated from this family.

There was also some evidence from Sicily that another branch of the family may have had a emblem of three argent lions passant on a sable field. The figures were painted in both colours and represented two sides of this Family.

I have also included this photo of one of my favourite units of Norman Cavalry from a few years back even though its a bit out of focus,and non digital. It shows A Bishops retinue,  I really like the studded leather shields on these and the banners which were researched to specific individuals. Figures are Perry miniatures 28mm, sold