Saturday, 10 May 2014

48 x 28mm Perry miniatures Norman Infantry,Progress

Status: 20% complete

Work in progress, a command group

Two of the four infantry command groups complete and under going basing.

16 x Perry Miniatures Bohemond of Taranto Command Group of Normans.Progress

Status:  16 horses and basing completed. 16 knights complete, Shields 75% complete. Banner and pennants 90% complete, weathering and varnishing still to complete.
More photos here soon

Estimated completion date : 20/06/14

Below converted Bohemond awaits some weathering and varnish.

And his younger nephew Tancred

Again matt varnish, weathering and shields still to be added.

Above I have started looking at the shields,  I have painted a 2mm square  red and white chequred pattern on 30% them.
Below a close of one of the shields.

From most complex to the most simple,  a few shields always look good in simple plain colours with studs. I will add sword cuts and rips to some as well as weathering them to make them look dirty.

All 16 horses complete and varnished, bases need finishing and movement trays need to be made, magnetic attachments will be used.

Close up of the horses and one completed rider( no shield yet, leave those until last)

Four movement trays 80 x 90 mm with magnetic attachments, sand glued in place , ready for painting.

Below the bases painted, dry brushed ,
And static grass, plants and rocks attached to the bases.

Below I have started the  banner and pennants, I think I prefer the  one with solid red tales.

Below the knights completed,awaiting weathering and varnish.

I have completed two banners to see what looks better, the shields are not stuck on yet , like to be able to move then about before settling on choice.

I think the banner with the smaller squares looks Breyer at the moment
The whites on these will be washed to look dusty/ dirty .Pennants  added to all lances.