Friday, 23 November 2012

28 mm Gripping Beast Norman Cavalry x 12

Status: SOLD  on at a bargain price of £144.00.
This unit rides beneath the lozengy argent and gules banner of the Barons of Bec, companions of the conqueror. Early proto-heraldic designs were employed by the Normans, one of these knights has the coat of arms attributed to Ivo de Tailbois, Hereward the Wakes adversary.
Each horse is mounted individually  and then attached to a movement tray by a magnetic strip and steel paper. The movement trays are of 2 x 4 horses and 2 x 2 horses allowing for  formations of 4 x 3,2 x 6, 1 x 12.

Above the 12 mounted Knights(now sold) pictured with 12 dismounted Knights which also recently sold on ebay for the bargain price of £94.00.

These units will be followed by a unit of 16 Archers
                                                     24   largely unarmoured infantry
                                                      5 mounted command figures including William I

 possibly followed by some casualities. Thinking of bundling these units up under one lot and selling them as an Warhammer Ancient Battles army when finished.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

28mm Jacobite Rebellion, The Battle of Culloden

Over The Last ten years I have worked on a model of the Battle of Culloden. Using Front Rank 28mm Miniatures a ratio of 1:30 was chosen, meaning each miniature represented 30 real men.
This photo shows 8 grenadier companies of the various regiments (48 figures) and 2 mounted officers waiting to join up with their individual regiments.
Magnetic strips attach each individual figure to a larger company movement base.

This close up shows the exceptional paintwork on these figures despite a quite economical budget for the whole project.
This photo shows some of the Jacobites and some of the Government Artillery pieces.

Here above a group of Jacobites from the Gordon Clan ,ready to attack.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

28mm Dismounted Norman Knights x 12

Status: SOLD £94.00

Recently this unit of 12 x Dismounted Norman Knights from Gripping Beast, complete with movement tray and dynamic basing sold for a bargain price of £94.00.
All painted to a very good wargames standard. Standing under the standard of the Barons of Bec, companions of the conqueror.

  This was an old unit that I have tidied up, varnished and re-based.
 The figures are mounted individually on 15mm x 20mm bases with steel paper on the bottom so they attach to magnetic rectangles on the movement tray. The banner is hand painted.
 These photos show the quality of the paintwork, although not up to some of my more recent work, it is still top quality wargames standard, and the dynamic basing,choice of colours and shield designs make this a very collectable unit.
 Another unit with the same banner and colours is currently being completed, it consists of 8 mounted Knights.
This photo clearly shows the individual basing, two figures have been removed and replace with the two 15 x 20 mm scenic bases  which are useful for casualty removal or detachments of troops from the main unit.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

28mm Renegade English Civil War regiment

Painted these some time ago, again pre-digital camera so the detail is a little lacking, nice muted colours, rusty helmets, natural dyed, worn colours on the musketeers and pikemen, flags from GMB.

Below shows a close up of the Pikemen
 And close ups of the musketeers

 I also painted some Cavalry, below this digital photo shows the unit awaiting basing

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

28mm Wargames Foundry Napoleonic Bavarian Cavalry

I painted this unit over 10 years ago now, many of these figures were converted to add variety to the few basic poses,another dozen or so figures were later added, including casualties and dismounted figures.

In total this unit was around 60 strong, they were eventually sold on to a Dutch collector  by the client that commissioned me to paint them.This photo was taken before I updated to digital.

 A close up detail of command figures,note the paintwork on officers strap
Converted figure with bandaged head

Late Roman legionaries circa 4-5th century AD 28mm

These are Gripping Beasts late Roman infantry from the 4th-5th century AD. As they may have appeared ready to repel raiders

 The shield designs are authentic,this legion was based in Britain in the last years of the Roman Empire,banner has a Christian Chi-Ro symbol.

This second unit of 20 has a Draco standard and many of the infantry wear flat topped hats.

Hengist and Horsa's Warband

Over the past 15 years I have painted thousands of figures for clients, I have started to Archive some of the photos, these are Gripping Beast 28mm early Saxons/Germanic tribes and are painted to represent a 5th century warband

The shield designs are based on real 5th-6th century Germanic designs, found on saucer broaches etc,it adds a feel of authenticity to the shield designs. Muted leather tones, natural wool,and green dyed cloaks and tunics as mentioned in some of the early manuscripts. Some Bows have been found in Denmark with binding on them, i extended this to the spears to help tie the unit together.
The female Seer with the Raven is from Wargames Foundry, the rest of the figures are Gripping Beast.

This second warband were painted in the same fashion,shown here advancing across the Downs

Mounted leaders carrying Hengists banner, horses from Wargames Foundry, riders from Gripping Beast.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

28mm Perry Miniatures 1st Crusade Norman Archers

These two archers were the start of a unit that was to represent Ralph de Gaels household troops, dressed in his cloth, armed with self yew bows ready for there trip to the holy land. Unfortunately  I only completed two and now other projects have taken priority.
I converted these figures removing the composite bows and replacing them with self yew bows.
Both have been put up for sale on with a starting price of £9.99 on the 10/10/12.Well worth every penny and more I think.
Sold for £9.99 each on the 13/01/13.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

28mm Perry Miniatures 1st Crusade, Ralph de Gael

 Above shows a photo of a group of Normans I painted a few years back.

I recently put the command section up for sale on Ebay.

Right shows this auction lot of Ralph de Gael and his standard bearer, they sold for £36.00, a very fair price considering the amount of work put in to them.

 This picture shows the detail put into this 28mm figure of  Earl Ralph, showing his coat of arms, which are still the arms of the county of Norfolk today.
Ralph died upon the first Crusade.

Some time ago I was commissioned to paint  Normans from the Guiscard De Hautville family.

 Research on early Heraldry revealed that the chequered red and white Maltese flag may have originated from this family.

There was also some evidence from Sicily that another branch of the family may have had a emblem of three argent lions passant on a sable field. The figures were painted in both colours and represented two sides of this Family.

I have also included this photo of one of my favourite units of Norman Cavalry from a few years back even though its a bit out of focus,and non digital. It shows A Bishops retinue,  I really like the studded leather shields on these and the banners which were researched to specific individuals. Figures are Perry miniatures 28mm, sold

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Perry Miniatures Royal Horse Artillery 6 pdr and limber

 My next project (after I complete all the half finished Normans !)  is this 28mm Perry Miniatures Royal Horse Artillery 6 pdr and the 6 horse limber below.
I think I may drill out the end of the gun barrel,the figures will be painted as they appeared at Waterloo. Should be started end of February 2013, looking forward to paint these great wargames figures.