Tuesday, 13 November 2012

28mm Dismounted Norman Knights x 12

Status: SOLD £94.00

Recently this unit of 12 x Dismounted Norman Knights from Gripping Beast, complete with movement tray and dynamic basing sold for a bargain price of £94.00.
All painted to a very good wargames standard. Standing under the standard of the Barons of Bec, companions of the conqueror.

  This was an old unit that I have tidied up, varnished and re-based.
 The figures are mounted individually on 15mm x 20mm bases with steel paper on the bottom so they attach to magnetic rectangles on the movement tray. The banner is hand painted.
 These photos show the quality of the paintwork, although not up to some of my more recent work, it is still top quality wargames standard, and the dynamic basing,choice of colours and shield designs make this a very collectable unit.
 Another unit with the same banner and colours is currently being completed, it consists of 8 mounted Knights.
This photo clearly shows the individual basing, two figures have been removed and replace with the two 15 x 20 mm scenic bases  which are useful for casualty removal or detachments of troops from the main unit.

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