Friday, 1 March 2013

2 x 28mm Perry Miniatures 95th Riflemen, British Napoleonic

Status: SOLD for £21.00

  Finished these two Perry Miniatures plastic 95th Riflemen.
 I have been itching to get some Napoleonic figures done for ages and the Perry's stuff is always a pleasure to paint. These are some of the first of the Perry's plastic range I have had a go at and I am really impressed.The faces have a lot of detail and although some items are less "sharp" (such as plumes on hats) than their metal cousins, lack flash and the additional hours spent sculpting really make for great figures.
 It is always difficult to shade black or dark colours effectively, I opted for minimal contrast on the dark green and black of of these figures which I think has worked really well.
If you highlight such a dark green or black too much you can end up changing the overall appearance of the colour from a distance.

 This pair are currently up for sale on, starting bid £19.99

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