Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Perry Miniatures 28mm Royal Horse Artillery 6pdr gun and limber

 Status: SOLD £172.00

These figures sold quickly for a bargain price of £172.00, really fantastic figures at a real bargain price.

With Napoleonics I spend most of my time trying to get the edges of colours as neat as possible.Then shade lightly when everything is in place. Over shading can ruin figures of this period in my opinion, so I tend to keep the contrast levels quite low on the fabric areas and make the graduation of tones subtle especially on the faces.
I  had forgotten how much time you can spend wondering what colour each part of the uniform is supposed to be with Napoleonics.
Took some time trying to find out about the lacing button pattern on the drivers uniform, think I have it correct, based it on a driver of the Royal Wagon train in the Waterloo Companion,except with blue and yellow instead of red and white.
 This unit marks the start of my plan to work on the Armies of Waterloo, concentrating on the area of La Haie Sainte initially.This being a six pounder gun could be one of five in Whinyates battery. I have also started off with a couple of 95th riflemen and future plans include more of the 95th, the 32nd,79th and 28th regiments of foot, 1st royal Dragoons, Kings German legion and associated French units.
 La Haie Sainte as it appeared on a my visit to the battlefield in 2008, sturdy stone construction of these farm buildings and the lack of effective high explosive shells in the 1800's meant these buildings became formidable fortifications.
The 6 pounder gun was raised by 2mm on the base before dispatch. After looking at these photos I realized the figures bases made them about 2mm taller than they should be compared to the gun, so some 2mm MDF was glued to the base and then the gun was glued back on.
Close up detail shows some of the subtle, refined shading that sets these figures apart from ordinary wargames figures.

All five gunners are on magnetic bases that allow them to be removed and replaced with three scenic bases that enable casualty removal.
Above a close up of the drivers, the details of the harness, colours of leather collar, hames and other tack is a matter for some conjecture, various books contradict each other on the details, maybe there was a variation in the field anyhow ? I would be interested in any informed opinion on the subject.

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