Monday, 13 May 2013

28mm Gripping Beast Plastics Saxon Thegns x 8

Status: SOLD for £72.00 on

 These 8 figures are being sold off in in two lots of 4 figures on ebay They will be followed by a further 20 or so Saxon thegns including a couple of  command groups of 4.

I have made some alterations to these figures, most notably adding some studs to the leather shields. Although I like interesting shield designs I think they might have been less common in this period than they are frequently depicted especially among the rank and file. If you look at the Bayeux tapestry,by far the most common shield design on both sides are the plain coloured shields with studs. To my mind it makes a lot of sense, a functional utilitarian shield,wooden boards held together with leather and raw hide, studded to hold the Iron work on and possibly as a form of decoration/additional protection. Why spend time or money decorating something that is just gonna get hacked up anyway?  Maybe designs would identify yourself to your kith and kin on the battlefield and bind your tribe/unit/army together. We know that the earlier Roman legionaires or later heraldic colours did this. So what about the Dark Ages? Interesting .
Any way I think the studded leather shields on these guys look great !
And these !

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