Monday, 21 January 2013

17 x Norman Archers and Crossbowmen 28mm

Status: SOLD £99.00

Just finished 17 Norman Archers and crossbow men, 8 of the archers are from Gripping Beast,1 from Wargames Foundry, 1 converted standard bearer and 7 crossbowmen also from Gripping Beast(one of the crossbowmen, only just finished, is only shown in the last photo.)

 They will be listed for sale on the 10/02/13 with a starting bid of £127.00 (about 50% of the commission price for these figures,so a real bargain).
The colour scheme,red and white,banner of the Barons du Bec. These figures represent household or retained men of their feudal lord and clothing is cut from cloth of his colours accordingly. Complementary units are available on
They make a really powerful group of skirmishers, each figure is based on 20 x 20 mm individual bases attached to two movement trays with magnetic attachments. Some blank bases are included for casualties and flexibility of formation.

 Here the skirmishers are shown beside a unit of 12 dismounted Knights from the same household, the skirmishers have been split into a unit of 10 Archers and 6 Crossbowmen on separate movement trays. This photo shows the flexibility of this basing system.The 12 Dismounted Knights will soon be joined by 24 Infantry, which could be combined or mixed in with the 12 Dismounted Knights making a substantial unit.

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